Copyright 2013. Blue Pieta by Leszek Forczek. All Rights Reserved. 


​Painter of Light

Art and beauty support and preserve our youth forces which are key to our health, vitality and enthusiasm. I believe that Art is synonymous with inner development and healing. 

Art can become the luminous "bridge over troubled water" facilitating the much needed balance between the ever-widening dichotomy which separates our outer and inner lives. In our techno-informational culture, the practice of an art becomes increasingly integral to our health, wholeness and social sensitivity. 

​Veil Painting is a style of painting based on a technique using large transparent, fluid, layers of superimposed color in which the movement of color supercedes the element of form. However, it is not only a style and technique, but an enduring philosophy of painting which harmonizes perception, reason and intuition. It is relevant not only to fine arts, but also to filming, art therapy, lazure wall painting, education, and inner development. 

- Leszek Forcek