Copyright 2013. Blue Pieta by Leszek Forczek. All Rights Reserved. 


​Painter of Light

  Blue is one of the colors of the triad belonging to the “Sta​r Spangled Banner.” 

  Blue is likely the color of our ‘national uniform’:  blue denim.  An important

  Afro-American musical tradition with deep roots in Gospel is known inter-     nationally as “The Blues.”  Blue is a profound, calming color that most people

  are attracted to.  How strange and difficult it would be to imagine our world

  without blue . . . 

​  Blue . . . the most prevalent color in our environment; the dominant color of

the sky, is the heart of the eternal rhythm of night and day.  Blue is also assoc-

iated with water and its many life-bestowing transformations.  Blue is the mysti-

cal companion of distant mountains and vast snowy regions in northern territor-

ies.  Our very breath can be associated with blue.

  It is natural that blue is the color most relative to spirituality.  It is a color typically     associated with purity; as well as air and space rather than matter and gravity.  

  The traditional mantle of the Madonna was celestial blue.  Vast expanses of

  empty space is characterized by blue – from pale azure to deep ultramarine.

​  The “Blue Pieta” was partly inspired by the impeccable marble sculpture of  

Michaelangelo; who was only twenty-four at the time.  The entire gesture of

this graceful sculpture seems to arise out of the depths of blue.  From child-

hood, Forczek was deeply moved by images of the Pieta.  The Sculptor,

Michaelangelo, was endowed with a profound sense of living movement that

seemed to flow from him throughout the density of his translucent medium.  

It was he who transfigured  over a ton of stone to float in the luminosity of

our soul.   

The perpetual movement of color, weaving between light and dark is an

inspirational phenomenon most relevant to Forczek.  Movement, be it outer

or inner, is transformative, an essential component of energy and life.  We

might venture to say that the movement of blue plays an important role in


                                                                Leszek Forczek  

                                                   Lake County, California